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Legacy- Just Believe

On Saturday and Sunday 17th-18th February, Power Cheer attended the Legacy cheer and dance competition in the Copper Box Arena in London. All 3 teams: Force, Velocity and Fury competed at a variety of levels and each and every one of us all worked our hardest to produce the outstanding routines we had been practicing and training so hard for leading up to it.

Upon arrival to the competition the atmosphere was phenomenal; teams across the country and even across seas had gathered to compete at this competition hosted by legacy. Seeing other teams perform provided us with a variety of different routines from levels 1-6 and we were all amazed at the fabulous routines performed by everyone who competed.

Force, competing at youth level 1 came 9th which was such an outstanding achievement for the girls as they had worked so hard in training which most definitely payed off.

Velocity, competing at junior level 2, came 3rd which again was fabulous as they score the highest amount of points out of our three Power Cheer teams.

Lastly, fury, competing at senior level 2, came 11th, it was our first competition of the year and this was a real eye opener to most of the girls on the team as for the majority, we had never competed before. We worked extremely hard in training sessions and performed a spectacular routine. Although parts did fall, the majority of the routine made us feel proud to be a part of Power cheer.

I was very happy with where we came in this competition as I feel like the competition was extremely tough and it was just unlucky that some of our stunts fell. We walked out with our medals and heads held high feeling proud of how we performed. The whole of Power Cheer is so excited to perform again in upcoming competitions and team work really does make the dream work!!

- Mollie Brockman.

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