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Sydni Hall

Programme Director

Hi, My Name is Sydni and I am the Head Coach at Power Cheer!
I have been cheering for 12 years and have competed in many competitions, including multiple national competitions, the European Championships in Austria and the World Championships, representing Team England Cheerleading and Dance teams in Florida, USA!
I specialise in Cheer and tumble, I love to help athletes gain new tumble skills for their routines or for their own personal development as a athlete. From jumps and gym to learning how to hit the perfect prep I would like to help all athletes progress in their own perfect way.
From many years of competing as a high level dancer in the cheer industry I like to clean dance routines to the best of my ability and work with athletes to learn every count so they are able to do it in their sleep. If a athlete is looking to know their routine better and wants some extra help- Im your lady!


Sophie Dixon-Hodge

Dance Director

Hi my name is Sophie Dixon-Hodge and I am a professional Dancer and Aerialist as well as a Cheerleading, Dance and Tumble Coach for Power Cheer! 
I have cheered for almost 13 years and have competed with various teams, including representing Team England in the Lyrical Jazz team at the World Championships in Florida, USA!
I graduated The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts in 2016 with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Dance and since then I have used my stunt and tumbling skills to enhance my performance career!
I am based at both Chelmsford and Maldon academies and specialise in Tumble, Dance and Flexibility.


Tyla Cousins

Cheer & Gym Coach

My first introduction to cheerleading was in school at the age of 14. My main focus of cheerleading was the gymnastics sections, they really appealed to me for the creativity and individuality involved.

With gymnastics being my main motivation, my progression through the levels of cheerleading was fast and direct with now having coached athletes who have taken the USASF worlds stage to compete. 

One of my biggest achievements whilst being involved in cheerleading is winning the 2018 ICU championships and also placing top 10 in 5 consecutive years of attending ‘Worlds


Chynnah Lockhart

Cheer & Gym Coach

Hiya. I'm Chynnah, I'm 17 and I've been with Power Cheer for over 5 years. I compete nationally on 3 of Power Cheers highest level teams! I specialise in teaching all levels of cheerleading and gymnastics, working with a massive range of ages and abilities.


Ciara Knights

Cheer & Gym Coach

Hi my name is Ciara Knights, I have been doing cheer for 6 years and have been coaching at Power Cheer for 4 years. I am currently on Power Cheer's highest level team which is level 4 and a level 2 team.
I have competed with Power Cheer in multiple competitions including Future Cheer, Cheer City and Jamfest! 
I specialise in Cheerleading and Tumble coaching, with me you can learn stunts, gymnastics/ tumbles, dance, jumps, flexibility, flyers stretches and conditioning.


Lucy Bovington

Cheer, Dance & Gym Coach

Hi, I'm Lucy and I am a Cheer, Dance and Tumble coach at Power Cheer.
I have trained and competed Lyrical, Contemporary and Jazz in dance and for Cheer teams levels 1-3. Ive attended many competitions from Cheer City to Future Cheer!
I specialise in Dance, Flexibility, jumps and tumble levels 1-4.
I am based at both Maldon and Chelmsford academies and I am also available for at home privates.
I am available in Maldon on Monday and Tuesday.
I am available in Chelmsford on Wednesday and Thursday.


Katie Dixon-Hodge

Cheer, Dance & Gym Coach

Hi my name is Katie Dixon-Hodge and I am a cheer, tumble and dance coach for Power Cheer. I have been cheerleading for 9 years and I have competed at many competitions with Future Cheer and ICC. For dance I am currently in full time training and I am training for jazz, lyrical, contemporary, commercial and hip hop. I have competed with dance both internationally and nationally including Germany and the world championships in Florida, USA. I specialise in dance, tumble, jumps and flexibility.

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Abigail Wilkins

Cheer, Dance & Gym Coach

Hi my name is Abigail and I have been doing cheer and dance for 6 years and this is my third year coaching. I am currently on the senior lyrical team and the senior level 4 cheer team which is the highest at Power Cheer. I specialise in tumbles, flexibility and dance.

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